WEB MARSICA is a portal for tourism and geotourism of the Marsica area.


This portal has the purpose of becoming over time a popular guide as detailed as possible, to introduce the immense artistic, religious, historical, archaeological, naturalistic and geological heritage of Marsica, including the one that is less known to mass tourism, but which can give emotions and surprises to the tourist, who wants to know this area of internal Abruzzo better.


The revelations will include historical and scientific articles, curiosities, tourist information, images and videos.


Web Marsica will cover many aspects of the long environmental, political and cultural history of the Marsican area. These aspects will bring to light the richness of a little-known area of Italy, but with unique characteristics in Europe.


Here you will find tourist information on the most beautiful villages of Marsica, discovering traditions and local folklore. You will discover the absolute naturalistic beauties of which Marsica is a unique bearer, with its own animal and plant species present only in this area of the world, which through the vastness of the numerous protected areas it has been able to preserve and deliver to future generations.


Together with the naturalistic beauties of flora and fauna it will be possible to know the immense environmental geological heritage, which this part of Abruzzo has in itself and which only for this deserves a careful visit. In addition to this, the possibility of getting to know the rich and ancient food-and-wine heritage of which Marsica is the bearer will be added.


WEB MARSICA aims to be a digital starting point for tourism in the most fascinating villages and places of Marsica, enhancing both its artistic-cultural heritage and its geological-environmental heritage.


Over time the portal will be enriched with useful information on events in Marsica occurring during the year, on how to reach Marsica various villages, on the various places of entertainment for sports and games, on the various museums and theaters in the cultural-recreational sphere.


In the context of national and international tourism and geo-tourism, Marsica is still a mysterious and unknown land, sometimes even considered exotic.


With this portal we will try to surprise the visitor, not only through a rich descriptive and photographic part, but also through the use of videos, which, hoping to excite and surprise, will be the driving force for a visit to these wonderful places.


Places composed of alpine landscapes, full of high mountains, large forests of beech trees, great slopes for skiing or country roads for horse riding. But, also, archaeological cities lost in the most inaccessible nature, etc. Instead for lovers of religious tourism, Marsica will be able to offer a boundless offer of churches, sanctuaries and still active monasteries of which this area of Abruzzo is rich, and which with this work we propose to reveal to the reader.


Browsing through the many pages present here, and the others that will be inserted later, the reader or tourist will encounter places or individual monuments unknown to most people; in other cases, instead, he or she will encounter monuments or already famous places, described here, however, with an unprecedented and hopefully complete slant, aimed above all at highlighting the more hidden side with unique elements of its kind.


This guide originates from the many legends and stories that surround the Marsi people, who among Italic peoples are perhaps the ones that better managed to emerge and adapt to the strong Roman power. In fact, the Marsi people managed, by adapting to Roman customs and giving luster to Rome itself, in order to make the most of their own characteristics, so as to make their own territory one of the richest in the Roman world. This is visible from the numerous country villas scattered in Marsica and still largely buried under many meters of land.


The dynamics of the Marsian territory managed over time to create important associations between man who lived in these lands and those who ventured into these inaccessible places over time, producing great works of art or important experiences from this relationship.


About this, it is enough to remember the great Lake Fucinus, which was often the cause of tragedies and sufferings and in other circumstances proved to be rich of great possibilities.


In the course of history, there are numerous personalities who come across these areas and were bewitched by it, to the point of making almost a second home there or, in any case, of maintaining a strong bond with the territory, two examples of all of them, St. Francis of Assisi and the great Pope John Paul II.


In the case of St. Francis, we have numerous attestations of his presence in Marsica during the first period of the 13th century, and we even have news of him founding some of the most beautiful and fascinating monasteries in Marsica.


In the second case concerning the great Pope John Paul II, we have many attestations and proofs of the long relationship that tied this Pope to Marsica since the beginning of his pontificate, so much so that there is a very long list of private and often unexpected visits in various villages of Marsica and in the most inaccessible places of these mountains.


With this portal, therefore, we try to make the visitor as informed as possible, to give him the opportunity to become the protagonist of a unique and exciting experience, when he will come here to visit these practically “alpine” places, where nature is still the absolute master, capable of forging the character of the locals, strong and gentle at the same time.


Visiting Marsica means being in contact with a multi-millennial culture, which has seen man living in these lands since immemorial time, which nature has forged in its image, allowing those who lived in these places to be the guardians of something grandiose , which at the same time allowed them to be independent of the rest of the surrounding territories, possessing here, at the same time, a small inland sea (Lake Fucinus), large springs and large mountains full of animals and woods.


With WEB MARSICA we also try to stimulate people not to lose heart and come here to find and strengthen themselves internally, through the experience of a passage in these fantastic and poetic places, where through various historical, archaeological, naturalistic, geological and religious paths we can be carried away by a spirituality and a nature that intertwine admirably.


Through this portal of tourism and geo-tourism of Marsica you will have a 360 degree overview of events, religious and folkloristic festivals of the Marsi area, with all the richness and variety of the ancient Marsican culinary tradition, of local traditions that are lost in the night of the times, and which can be relived in the many historical parades in medieval and Renaissance period costume.


With WEB MARSICA it will be possible to explore, but above all to imagine living, the geological evolution of a still very young territory. Whoever wants, will be able to relive this by exploring the many natural sites present in the many reserves and parks of which this territory is abundantly rich.